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PEZ Dispenser + Mezuzah = PEZuzah!

It's kitsch, it's classic and it's kosher!

Your house and your gates will thank you for the colorful addition :)


The PEZ dispensers are the perfect size for a small scroll, whether it is handmade by you (a poem you wrote, a blessing that pleases you to know it's there) or one written especially for the appropriate size by our Rabbi (you can buy it here on our website), we left the option of your choice.


For the PEZuzah project we chose the most beloved figures from the best toy collectors in the USA and Europe.

To make the PEZuzah the perfect housewarming gift, we specially designed two unique items: A hanging device that you will receive together with the PEZuzah free of charge and the ZuzahBOX, a box in the shape of the famous PEZ candy that you can now purchase on our website.

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4. Stick the mezuzah on the door frame, say a prayer in your heart or to someone who is with you and invite guests who have good taste in design

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3. Mount the mezuzah in the hanging device (we designed this thing in 3D, look how much we thought of you)

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2. Open the toy, where you would normally expect to find candy, place the prayer inside and close it gently

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1. Hold the toy in your hand, isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen?