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For me, there is no such thing as too much creativity  :)


I do a lot of things. A lot of art, a lot of design and I like spaces rich in details. I am unable to have a spare second; for me, a day without creation is a wasted day.


The colorful space you have just entered offers a whole world of works, prints and original drawings - from downloadable files to illustrations on old frames that will be mailed to you after you purchase them.


Here is also the home of the Pezuzahs and the Artsi Fartsi Bags - the products that can only be purchased at my studio.


On the website you can also get an impression of my work as a graphic designer and branding expert and I can make your business look more attractive and successful.

The PEZuzah craze continues!
Click on Fozzie to see what everyone is talking about :)

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