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Our Story

Hi! I am Libbi Kantor, 

an artist and visual communication designer in the international field, with a master's degree from "Bezalel" University with experience in participating in exhibitions throughout Europe.

Today I live in an apartment I designed in the city of Rehovot, together with my partner Roy, an artist in his own right, and the white dog Nube - and that's where all the magic happens.

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At a young age I started doodling and drawing, discovering a wonderful world where I manage to create a new reality with my hands. The colors, compositions and shapes have always been part of my being and my way of communicating with the world. When I grew up and my parents told me to choose a profession, it was natural and clear to me where I was headed. This is why today I am engaged in the field I love the most, which is art and design, it turns out it is in my blood.


On this website you can see a collection of everything we have in the basket - you can order branding and web design work from us and also decorate your business with one of the creations in our store.


Happy Shopping!



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